Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

USA, 1995-1999

Kevin Sorbo

I fetched this autograph personally at the Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart on July 1st, 2017.

I really enjoyed ma few minutes with him at his autograph table. Although, my fiance made most of the speaking, taking the opportunity to speak with him after his Q&A earliear that day. In fact, after she met him pasonally, she got an autograph for her own the next day.

He had fun reading the intro of the show that I put on my template.

Meg Foster

I fetched this autograph personally at the Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen on November 5th, 2016.Meg is a really nice and lovable person, who took a lot of time for each fan. When she saw my template, she said "That's a beautiful picture" and she looked at it very carefully before she signed it. We chatted a bit and she even gave my a hug for good bye.