Science fiction

USA 1993 -1998

Walter Koenig

I fetched this autograph personally at FedCon 25 on May 15th, 2016. Mr. Koenig asked for the reason why I'm called Duckx and I explained to him that I am the world's greatest Donald Duck fan - and he made a Donald Duck voice :)

Jerry Doyle

I fetched this autograph personallly at FedCon 24

Andrea Thompson

I fetched this autograph peronally at the FedCon 22.

Andrea Thompson first asked how I was doing. Well, I told her the truth and said, that I was a little tired (I spent about tree and a half hours standing in line for autographs and it was the third day of the Con) - whereupon she apologized that I had to stand in line for her autograph so long!